Finding your way

Magnetic compass on a world mapPuritans are notorious for their incomprehensible outlines, with numbers nested in other numbers, producing grandbaby numbers which themselves breed and proliferate. Baxter is slightly less vexing than most, but still is guilty. Because I’d like to provide a tool to navigate Baxter, my intent is to let you know exactly what I am blogging about, summarizing, quoting, or outlining. To accomplish this, I will tag each post to a page # in the Soli Deo Gloria reprint of Baxter’s Directory, as well as use Baxter’s own numbering system (as best I can follow!).


( can be translated as:

Part 1: Christian Ethics (the first part of four major sections in the book); Chapter 1; Part 1 (the first of two parts of chapter 1); Direction 1.

Which occurs on pages 11-13.

Alles klar?



Finding your way

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